Fawaz Al-Matrouk
is an award-winning Kuwaiti director based in Los Angeles. Inspired by traveling the world and discovering its history, he draws from a wide scope of arts and cultures.

Fawaz was born in Kuwait, and lived there until the first Gulf War. After the invasion, his family moved to London, England, then Toronto, Canada, where he spent most of his life. It was there, as a school kid, that he made his first commercial for a class assignment, and fell in love with directing. 
He went on to study history at the University of Toronto, jotting down visual and story ideas as he went along. Then he completed his masters in film production at the University of Southern California. 

His thesis film, To Rest in Peace, has screened in cities worldwide, including Cannes, London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Dubai and Kuwait, winning awards for directing, writing, cinematography, editing, music, audience choice, and best short film. He is currently developing feature film projects, and working as a commercial director.